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Investment Incentives

To become a leading economic hub for the region, Mauritius actively encourages foreign direct investment in all areas of the economy


corporate and income tax fixed at 15%

Tax-free dividends

and no capital gains tax

Up to 100% foreign ownership

from custom duty for technical equipment

Free repatriation

of profits, dividends, and capital

No minimum

foreign capital required

mediacity Mauritius

Creative Industry Incentives

The Mauritian government sees the creative sector as a crucial economic driver to stimulate growth, job creation, and investment

3.5% GDP
Rs 14 billion GDP

The Film Rebate Scheme is a cash-back incentive to boost audio-visual production in Mauritius. Producers are eligible to a cash rebate of up to 40% on all Qualifying Production Expenditure (QPE) incurred and spent in Mauritius. The scheme applies to feature films, commercials, TV series, documentaries, TV broadcast, music videos, and dubbing productions

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mediacity Mauritius

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