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MCM Ltd News 20/05/2022
BCE and MediaCity Mauritius to develop a broadcasting center dedicated to Africa

Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) and MediaCity Mauritius (MCM) announced an agreement for the development of a new broadcasting center dedicated to Africa (BCA). It will host TV stations, radios, broadcasters, producers, as well as many companies from the entertainment, media, advertising, videogame, e-sports, and production industries.


This new broadcasting center will be built to meet the increasing needs of the media industry in Africa. It will provide its occupants with the most up-to-date technological facilities in terms of broadcast equipment, hardware, and software.


Under the agreement, BCE will be responsible for supplying the new broadcasting center with the technical equipment and related services required for the production, postproduction, traffic, and broadcasting facilities (including OTT features) for the playout of the BCA’s clients’ channels and streaming services. BCE will also provide day-to-day operational assistance to the BCA.


The collaboration between BCE and MCM aims to establish the largest broadcasting center in Africa, to attract both regional content producers and international companies willing to relocate in order to benefit from a competitive value proposition in a compelling location.


On behalf of MediaCity Mauritius, the CEO Najib Gouiaa said: “The agreement that we signed today is the result of months of intense collaboration to bring industry-leading standards to MediaCity Mauritius, for all creative endeavors and world-class industry players that seek to establish themselves in Africa, who will benefit from a wide range of services and a high-quality equipment thanks to BCE’s expertise".


Christophe Goossens, CEO of Broadcasting Center Europe, added: “To provide high quality media services and give access to the best technology are part of BCE’s roots. We are glad to contribute to the development of MediaCity Mauritius and are looking forward to strengthening our relationship with the BCA and its future customers”.



MCM Ltd News 08/04/2021
launch of the African Media Campus Foundation

The African Media Campus Foundation, an international, education-driven non-profit organization, dedicated to enhancing academic and skills-based learning for the media and creative industries in Africa, was launched on August 4th, 2021.


The Foundation’s flagship project is the creation of its first African Media Campus at the heart of MediaCity Mauritius. It will host a media technology school and a world-class university, integrated as part of the MediaCity hub with the primary aim of bringing the Foundation’s vision to life by connecting talent with industry.


Visit to find out more.



MCM Ltd News 07/08/2021

Le Directeur de la MediaCity Mauritius, Najib Gouiaa a répondu aux questions de l’hebdomadaire Business Magazine.
L'occasion pour lui de revenir sur les fondements de ce projet : "Nous construisons une infrastructure à la fois durable et de la plus haute qualité pour subvenir aux besoins de la création, la production et la distribution de contenus numériques pour un marché Africain et international."


A ce titre, Najib Gouiaa entend hisser la Mediacity Mauritius au niveau des autres média cities existantes dans le monde :
" Nous voyons Media City Mauritius devenir le principal centre médiatique d’Afrique pour la création de contenu (…) La portée à laquelle on aspire est à la mesure de la globalisation accrue de l'industrie des médias , c’est-à-dire être reconnus comme une Media City mondiale de premier plan, comme celles de Dubaï, Séoul ou Salford."


Pour cela, Beau Plan qui accueille la Mediacity Mauritius constitue un des atouts dans la réussite de ce projet : " Intégrer le développement de la Smart City Beau Plan est un choix urbain stratégique, avec le groupe Terra nous sommes assurés d’un développement durable et planifié. "


Autre élément essentiel que Najib Gouiaa a rappelé : celui de s’entourer de partenaires technologiques reconnus comme BCE : "Notre partenariat avec Broadcasting Centre Europe (BCE) un leader européen des services de médias nous permet d’assurer une offre de service et d’infrastructure technique de haut niveau, du type de celle utilisée par les professionnels du monde entier."


Retrouver l'article sur le site de Business Magazine



MCM Ltd News 06/15/2021
MediaCity Mauritius featured in IDG connect

MCM CEO Najib Gouiaa was interviewed by specialist publication IDG Connect. In a wide ranging discussion, Najib Gouiaa outlined the vision underpinning the project:

“In the long term, we want Mauritius to become the epicenter of the media industry in Africa as we build the highest quality and most sustainable infrastructure for the creation, development, trade, and distribution of media services for an international market. We see MCM becoming Africa’s leading media hub for content creation, digital production, global interaction, and local collaboration,”


About MCM’s short term goals, Najib Gouiaa added:

“MCM is both a gateway to Africa in terms of its location, with easy access to the African market, as well as its technology infrastructure. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art technological infrastructure in the form of broadcasting equipment, hardware and software, as well as offering super-fast broadband connectivity to enable transfers of high-definition content and the ability to store large quantities of internationally accessible data on-site.”


The full article is available on IDG Connect’s website.





MCM Ltd Press Release 04/08/2021
MediaCity Mauritius to open gateway to Africa for the creative industries

MCM Ltd have announced the development of the first integrated, international hub for the media and creative industries in Africa: MediaCity Mauritius.


MediaCity Mauritius will be the home for international production companies; creative agencies; video game companies; broadcasters; and global media companies, within the smart city of Beau Plan in Mauritius.


The media city will host the infrastructure and technology required for content creation, innovation, and education. This will include production studios, postproduction facilities, Broadcasting centre, and an exclusive data center – all built to a world-leading standard.


CEO of MediaCity Mauritius, Najib Gouiaa, said:
“Mauritius’ unique business and political environment has allowed us to create the first global multi-media hub for Africa and the world. Across the world, daily online content consumption has doubled since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. MediaCity Mauritius harnesses the global demand for communication assets and content creators, with a particular focus on Africa. It will stimulate local economies and provide an educational bridge to the industry, shaping talent into professional skills. We look forward to welcoming creators, developers, producers, technicians, students, and to give them the greatest chance of success in Africa.”


The project will connect global industry players with the massive emerging African market, where 20% of the world’s young people are consuming more and more cCampus, a nerve center for the next generation of creative talent. The Campus will host the MediaContent, and increasingly want to produce their own.


MediaCity Mauritius will also host the African Media ity School offering technical education in all aspects of the media trade and creating a pipeline of business-ready talent for the media city’s resident companies to tap into Africa’s potential.


The project is commercially independent and has the support of the Mauritian Government and the Mauritian Economic Development Board. MCM Ltd has formed a partnership with Mauritius leading real estate developer Novaterra to build the media city and its future extensions. Global broadcasting giant BCE will become the media city’s technical partner.


General Manager of Novaterra, Nicolas Eynaud, said:
We are proud to welcome MediaCity Mauritius at the heart of the Beau Plan Smart City! This ambitious and pioneering project for the country and for the region is in perfect alignment with our values and our vision for the sustainable development of our Smart City. Beau Plan’s ambition is to offer a modern, sustainable and creative lifestyle to those who will live and work there. A reflexion of the authentic Mauritian lifestyle, our Smart City puts the emphasis on outdoor spaces and the essentials of a great quality of life.
Our strategic partnership with MCM embodies the creative positioning that Beau Plan has been actively developing for the past two years. We are convinced that this strategic pillar has potential for the future of the Mauritian economy and will benefit the country, as well as the African continent. The Media industry, one of the fastest growing economic sector internationally, presents a unique opportunity for technological development in Mauritius, and exciting employment opportunities for young Mauritians.“


Work on the media city's first phase of development will commence in 2022; the second phase will begin in 2025. The MediaCity School will open in 2022.




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